Auto-B-Good is a Dove-approved series for children ages 5 to 9. It features 9 animated vehicles, each with his or her own unique personality, whose stories teach a wide variety of important values. Winner of 11 awards, including 5 Emmy® Awards. Learn more

Join Meteor and the gang in their everyday adventures as they learn important Biblical lessons in responsibility, obedience, humility, forgiveness and much more.
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We have a variety of documentaries on topics such as animal phenomenons, Darwin's discoveries, and the existence of Mt. Sinai.
Who says Christians aren't funny? Thou Shalt Laugh is a series of stand-up comedy concerts featuring stars, producers, and directors who are all Christians.
Our children's products include the animated Ten Commandments movie, the Ewe Know series, Angel Wars, the Animated Kid's Bible series, and the Worship Jamz CDs.